Forensic Accounting

When most people hear the word Forensic they immediately think of TV programmes like CSI with dead bodies and autopsies. They are then confused as to how this relates to accountants.

Well Forensic Accounting does have some similarities to CSI but without the dead bodies or glamour. The Forensic Accountant is usually called in to analyse what has happened to an individuals or a business’ finances

The most common situations where this expertise is called upon are in the areas of Divorce and Fraud. With the years of experience that we at Reynolds and Co have we can analyse the transactions of a business and advise on what has happened as well as what the current value of the business is and if appropriate what the value would have been but for the changes.

Our approach is to provide concise and unbiased reporting. This means we provide clear and unambiguous guidance to all parties involved in the dispute.

Our services can considerably strengthen your case and cut your litigation costs. Please contact us for further information.