Property Investment

Property Investing has always required specialist advice to ensure that the business grows and the minimum of tax is paid.

Starting in July 2015 the taxation of property investment has progressively become more challenging and investors have seen major changes to the tax reliefs available to them.

Unfortunately most accountants seem to follow the comments in the popular press. However neither they nor the press seem to realise that taxation is not ‘one size fits all’.

We are different because we do understand this very important fact and our approach is to design strategies which are individual to each client’s needs and aspirations.

Our objective is to get to understand what our clients are looking to achieve in the future, for example do they want a passive income and to eventually sell their properties or do they want to build a portfolio to provide for their own needs and then the needs of their children? We then provide them with a strategy which meets their needs now but which can be adapted if needed in the future. All of this is done at the same time as minimising the tax that they pay.

Contact us today to make sure you don’t pay any more tax on your property than you have to!